College graduation parties have the advantage that they do not demand a very elaborate decoration or that follow many protocols, on the contrary, they are the kind of parties that deserve an informal and improvised air.  They are those parties where graduates go to have fun and celebrate the culmination of a great academic achievement and the beginning of their working life.


What college students really want is to have a good time without the need for so much protocol during the party. They want to celebrate with their friends and have fun. To make the party an unforgettable moment, there are several ideas of decorations for college graduations. If you want to know what these ideas are, I invite you to stay and read on.


Decoration ideas for college graduations


If you are about to achieve an academic achievement, such as college graduation and you are thinking of having a celebration, you should take into account some factors, such as the host of the party, the type of events you like, the atmosphere, the activities to be carried out and of course the decoration. Here are some ideas to make the decoration of the party fabulous and memorable.


Cupcake in the form of a birrette


Something that is very fashionable in celebrations are cupcakes. These delicious cupcakes are becoming a sensation at all parties. They are usually used to accompany the cake decoration.


A very original idea is to make a cupcake in the shape of a graduation cap, which is very easy to do. The cupcake is made according to each person’s taste, and once ready, you can proceed to make the top of the biretta with fondant, which is nothing more than a square piece of fondant. The decoration of the cake is made with the cream of your preference.

Cake decorated with the graduation year


Cakes by law are the center of attention in all parties, meetings and celebrations that take place, no matter the theme of the party. But besides the person being celebrated, the cake always steals the spotlight. And a college graduation party is no exception.


A good idea for the cake is to have a shape alluding to a graduation, the more original the better.  Besides this, it can be decorated with the year of graduation, and even the graduation number can be placed on the cake. This cake should be in the center of the table where it will be placed and around it can be decorated with other elements, with cupcakes in the shape of a biretta. The flavor of the cake can be chosen by the graduate.


Balloon arch with greetings

If the party is going to be held in a party hall, or in a large space, the ideal would be to place a balloon arch.  Either at the beginning, to welcome all the guests to the party, in the space destined to the cake, or in some other place that you want to decorate and that serves for the guests to take their pictures.


The arrangement of the arch can always vary, it can be an arch with many balloons, of different shapes and sizes, or it can be a very simple arch, but colorful. These balloons can be with the colors of the promotion, or the favorite colors of the person being celebrated.


Stack of books with decorative cap

To decorate other areas of the hall, you can place several tables or small columns, on which you can put piles of university books and on top of them you can place a graduation cap. It is a very original idea, and it symbolizes that you have gone through the whole process of studying the books and that the time has finally come to graduate.

Black stars with gold for photos

This idea is very fashionable at college graduations. The black and gold colors of the stars give a more formal and striking touch to the party. This star decoration can be placed at the entrance of the party hall, so that the guests can take their first picture during the celebration.

Headband of biretta

We know that caps and gowns are indispensable, but why not make them part of the party? You can buy or have made several headbands that have a cap and give them to each of the guests. This will make the party look more fun and invite everyone to celebrate in style. If you want to know more about caps and gowns, I invite you to read “Caps and gowns, a must for your graduation”.

Memories in the form of parchment

Once the party is over, it is always customary to give a souvenir to each of the party guests. A very original idea is to give souvenirs in the form of a scroll. If you have the time or money, this can be a small copy of the original graduation scroll, obviously without the name of the person graduating. It would be just a small detail and a nice souvenir.

White and gold star shower

This rain of stars can be a complement to the golden stars, or on the contrary they can go in another area of the space where the party is held, in order to decorate other places where guests can also go to take pictures.


Curtains are very fashionable for parties where people can take pictures. Instead of a curtain, you can place this rain of stars to give a more glamorous touch to the party.


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University graduations are the transition from student life to working life. It is a big step that should not go unnoticed, and should be celebrated in style. It is a big change for students as they move into an adult life. This beautiful moment can always be remembered through graduation photos and will always be seen as a very nice part of the student’s life.