Graduation posters with funny messages have become very popular. And in the vast majority of graduation celebrations they have become an indispensable element. These small panels or posters are designed to be carried in your hands. They are especially ideal for graduation photography between fellow students and relatives.


The function of graduation posters is to introduce creative messages at the ceremony or party, with a great load of emotion. And if they have a good dose of humor that amuses the guests they are much more valuable. Also the posters at graduation serve to break a little the nervousness that is felt by such a wonderful achievement.


If you are looking for some ideas to make your graduation posters fun and enchant your guests, we encourage you to see some that we have selected for you in this post. They can help you create and customize the posters you want at your graduation ceremony. And those you want at your party.


Phrase for Graduation Posters

Although the most popular graduation posters are those that are carried in the hands and are made of MDF, cardboard, acrylic, plastic, etc., there are also many other types. And the length of the message will depend on the size of the poster. The size of the poster and the shape it has is important especially when taken as backgrounds of graduation photos.


To help you create posters that are original and with fun messages that your guests love, we’re going to give you some ideas. Both of what they can say, and of the size and material.

Vintage posters

These types of posters are very nice. They are usually printed on wood. And they look even better when they are made with black or white cursive letters. These types of posters are ideal when the graduation celebration is done during the day or outdoors as in a garden. But, if the party’s at night you can paint the sign black or white and the message is placed.


Some of the phrases that go very well in vintage posters are:

  • Graduation party
  • We finally graduated!
  • If he did not graduate we would hire a lawyer
  • Mission accomplished!
  • Hello social life!

Printable Posters

These posters are super practical and make life much easier. Basically the sign is printed and pasted on the poster material. Usually in MDF or cardboard. They can be obtained already printed. The best are the chalkboard-style posters. These are the ones that are shaped like thoughts, clouds, etc. They are usually small, and ideal to carry in your hands. And they look great in black colors with white letters, or in white with black letters.


When they come printed it is easy to find messages that say:

  • Proud Mom
  • Proud Dad
  • Finally!
  • Proud family
  • I made it!
  • Now what?
  • Thanks Wikipedia!
  • Thanks Google!
  • Mission accomplished!
  • Diploma in Hand
  • Proud of him/her.
  • Free hugs

Posters with funny phrases according to the profession

Many of the posters you can buy already printed have an advantage.  You can get them ready according to the profession in which you graduate. For example, if you graduate as a Psychologist you can get some that say: “Habemus Psychologist”, “Unresolved Oedipus Complex”, “I do not give free sessions”, etc.


If you graduate in Accounting you can get posters with funny phrases such as: “Let’s take stock”, “I’m higher than the dollar”, “I survived the numbers”, “I make a good discount”, “HOT Accountant”, etc. 


Funny and original posters

Graduation parties are times of great joy and fun. So it is logical that you want to add a touch of mischief and playfulness to your graduation posters. The phrases that go on these posters can be made by yourself. You just need to be inspired. Regardless of the material you choose to make them, they will surely be fantastic.


Here are some ideas to inspire you:

  • In addition to being beautiful, I am also a graduate!
  • I want to thank my family, my friends and Wikipedia
  • This one goes to Instagram
  • I swear I didn’t  pay for the title.
  • I graduated in a pandemic.
  • Today it is celebrated strong

What materials can you use to make your graduation posters?

The materials you are going to use to make graduation posters will depend on the style you want and the decoration of your party. Even if their messages are funny and playful, you should strive to make them look cute.


If you decide on vintage style posters you will need wood or boards, paint of the color in which you are going to paint it and paint for the letters of the message. If you decide on a chalkboard-style poster you will need MDF, acrylic and white or colored gis to make the sign. You can also use more environmentally friendly materials such as cardboard or recycled material.

Where to place graduation posters?

Graduation posters can become part of your decor. They are a nice detail that can enhance the place where they are placed. And they can also be a fun proposition for photo shoots. Some of the places where you can place them are the entrance, dessert tables, guest tables, walls and the areas prepared for photo shoots. 

Photo and Video Service for Graduation in Arizona

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