Quinceañeras souvenirs are a way of gratitude that you give to your guests for attending your party. There are many endless ideas about souvenirs so you have a variety of options that you can choose.


Souvenirs will be added to your desired list. Many of them can be made by yourself and or you can hire someone to help you with that. All depends on your budget, so you have to take into consideration your style and personality. We’re sure you will select the best beautiful  souvenirs for quinceañeras.


Ideas of Souvenirs for fifteen years


You are the main actress of the best day of your life so you must have the best 15-year-old decoration: The best trending ideas of the season. Here we want to show you some excellent ideas of souvenirs for quinceañeras. They are original, elegant and modern, we are sure you will love one of them:

1.    Small creams and shower gel

This is a nice souvenir for your guests. Gel and shower creams come in different fragrances. They are good options for everybody and they love them. You can find them at good prices and nice presentations.

2.    Custom lipstick

 This original souvenir is in fashion this year. You can give your guests a personal style lipstick.  You can select a lip gloss for all your friends with your name on it. This souvenir is a creative one so many people will imitate your idea.


Many lip glosses have different fragrances and colors so you will be able to choose the best for your guests. You create a new brand which is different and unique. You will mark the differences!

3.    Custom Pillows

You can offer little custom pillows which will be the envy of many people. Select Pillows 100% polyester with a smooth and wrinkle-free surface. You can print your name or a design that you prefer. There are many styles and colors of custom pillows. Select yours¡ 

4.    Creative Kit

This is a creative souvenir that has a personal style. If you want to prepare it you have endless creative options.  For example:

  • A little box with candies
  • A little bag with chocolate and little ribbon tied
  • Wrapped/Boxed Gifts
  • Little bottles with flower and candies
  • Small cactus with message
  • Pack of personalized cookies

5.    Small jars with sweets

There are many options to select for your souvenirs: mini glass jar of sweets. They can be full of sweets, candies, dried sweets among others. This type of souvenir is very popular and it is within your budget. Your guests will love this election.

6.    Creative glass

A creative glass is a special souvenir for your guests. Everybody will love the originality and simplicity of these creative glasses like they are children. You have the opportunity of using a wide variety of designs that you prefer:


  • Xv classic celebration
  • Bold name
  • Your photo and a message
  • Cartoon of you
  • Flower decoration
  • Your own expression
  • Monogram

7.    Key chains

You can offer to your guests beautiful key chains made with flexible paste, metal or another type of material. They are ideal for a souvenir to celebrate your Xv years. Try to use small measures to pack.

These keychains are excellent because they have a great functionality and usefulness for many years. You can find them in different colors and models:

  • Musical Instruments keychain
  • Wood burnt keychain
  • Personalized keychain
  • Small dolls keychain
  • Keychain with light
  • Emoji keychain
  • Flag of country keychain

8.    Aromatic Candles

Candles are a beautiful and useful element that is liked by many people. You can use candles for party decoration as well as for gifting to your special guests to remember your celebration of quinceaños.

 Aromatic candles are available in the market and they have a range of fragrances. What is your favorite aromatic candle? We can mention some of them:

  • Jasmine candle
  • Pure Peppermint candle
  • Bitter Orange Candle
  • Lavender candle
  • Vetiver Beeswax Candle
  • Geranium Soy Candle
  • Lemon candle
  • Damask Rose and Cypress Candle
  • Eucalyptus candle

9.    Personalized Antibacterial

This Souvenir is a way of personalized antibacterial gel for 15 years. There are many presentations but the ideal one for you is a bottle of 30ml. The gel quality is important so select those which have 70% alcohol.


This souvenir is ideal to hand to your guests within your Xv years because they will feel you take care of them. It will be a surprised for them to know hand sanitizer eliminate germs and prevent the spread of viruses while they are in your celebration

10.    Quinceañeras dolls


There are many models of dolls for quinceaños. There are some made of porcelain which are fragile material but they are very sophisticated. Others have a modern design that wears the dress like you and have your own style. These dolls are a version of you. You can select a doll depends on the theme of your party: we can mention some of them:


  • Dolls from a particular country
  • Famous dolls from movies
  • Princess dolls
  • Barbies dolls
  • Rag dolls
  • Wood dolls
  • Clay dolls

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