I want a wedding web design! How do I do it?

Wedding web design. The time is coming to make your formal commitment before God and you want to share it with all your closest friends and family? It’s time to think about designing a website for your wedding.


Keep in mind that no matter how simple what you want to do is, every event requires a series of processes that must be planned and organized in advance, so that you can achieve the expected results.


Now, do you want to know how to do it? Wedding website design can be a very useful tool that will save you time and allow your guests to be aware of all the details about your big celebration. Let’s get into the details so you know how to do it!



Why should I invest in a website for my wedding?

Your wedding web design will become your best ally and will help reduce your stress when planning your wedding. Certainly, investing in it can simplify your activities and give you signs that all the people you want to attend are handling all the information of the ceremony.


With your wedding website your guests will be aware of all the information they require, you can even provide some information about the rest of the events you have planned before the ceremony, creating links where your guests can register and confirm their attendance. Do you see how useful it is to invest in it?


Advantages of a wedding website


Perfect design

To create a perfect design, it is necessary to consider the fundamental elements, so that it can be super pleasing to the eye. Relying on color psychology to select the appropriate shades will be the key in this part.


You can make it, taking into account the colors of the decoration and other accessories that you will use as part of your outfit. You can count on the ideas, but the experts will know which details will favor your page the most.  

Mobile optimization


Nowadays, there are many people who use smartphones to keep up to date with information and use it constantly, whether to buy, sell or simply to keep up to date with everything. Therefore, it is important to keep in touch with all your guests on a frequent basis, ensuring that your wedding website design is optimized for optimal viewing on any mobile device directly.


Social networks

Who is not currently managing a social network from any cell phone? Surely it is difficult for someone to come to mind, because simply almost everyone is using it.


For this reason, you should make sure to link your page to all the social media accounts you operate, so that none of your guests miss out on any of the information. Also, with this, you will be able to export your most charming photos that you manage on the networks.


Wedding logos

Designing the logo for your website can be very easy. You can create it taking into consideration the initials of the bride and groom’s names or according to the emblem or symbol you like the most. In the end, what matters most is that it is outlined in a particular way with a unique, beautiful style that identifies you as a couple. 


What content can be included in the wedding website?

There can be countless content that you can add to your page. You don’t have to limit yourself! But, you can add what is really most relevant. To give you some ideas, I mention below what you can include:


  • Incorporate information, starting with the names of the bride and groom and the date of the wedding, then adding every detail you think is charming.
  • Add photos. You can do this with photos of the engagement at interesting moments or with photos of the day of the ceremony. It doesn’t have to be expensive, if you want quality photos at prices that fit your budget, contacting affordable wedding photographers in Arizona will be your best option.
  • Location of the hall and the hotels that are intended for guests traveling from other locations.
  • The time of the event. Here, you can detail the time the event will start and until the time the reception is scheduled to end.
  • Make them look great! Here you can define which outfit they can wear, whether it’s formal, casual or themed.
  • Create a link for your guests to purchase gifts online.

What company does wedding website design in Arizona?

Due to the great diversity of tastes and, although it is true that not all couples are the same, it is necessary to have specialized advice, so that your page adapts to each personality, style and requirements.


To make it captivating and attractive, you must give it that personalized and unsurpassable touch, adapting it to the scheme you want, starting from the color, the fonts and of course the theme you will use. But, do you know who can help you create all this dream? Definitely, they must be true experts.


Having a wedding website service in Arizona, will help you make your website one of the coolest, that will give your guests a lot to talk about. At IAZ PHOTO STUDIO, we are ready to support you in the design of your website, so you can present to your followers, the most phenomenal photos and you can have an excellent organization of your party.


The best professional photographers for wedding events in Arizona, we have them in our agency and it is a real joy for us to see our clients enjoy and live to the fullest that special day. Contact us, it will be an honor to accompany you!



Wedding web design is a tool that allows you to organize and transmit detailed information about all the services, place and theme that will be implemented on the day of the ceremony.

Create a wedding website design with beautiful photos, under a seal of particularity with a special and unique touch, linked to your social networks under mobile optimization standards.

How to choose the best wedding date?

All weddings are subject to different decisions, but the starting point for all the preparations for a wedding is to set a date. Although it may seem of little importance, it is key, since it is necessary to take into account several factors.


What prevails is that it is done with enough time to organize all the details and have the best wedding date, not with any available one. In this post, we will help you choose the best date for you to celebrate your wedding.



The importance of choosing your wedding date wisely


It is necessary to study the alternatives that are presented to choose a good date to get married, analyze which are the most popular and requested months. It must be taken into account that for each couple it is different to choose a particular date. For such an important event, it is necessary to think about the best dates, since the beginning of the honeymoon depends on it.


It should be noted that the determining factor for the beginning of the marriage preparations is to choose the date. Take into account that from the moment you already have plans to unite your lives you are two to choose the date. The best one is the one that is convenient in every way that benefits to have enough time to organize everything perfectly.


Steps to choose the best wedding date

After selecting the date that best suits the couple to give them time to finalize all the details for that important day. It is necessary to go step by step with everything that is in guideline to carry out the wedding, since that way the success will be assured. Do not let it coincide with any other important event in the community that may interfere with the stipulations.


Always starting from the fact that it must be the most suitable date for the interests of the couple and the guests so that everyone can attend. Since it is one of the most important events in a couple’s life, you want to have as many loved ones around you as possible. So you should take into consideration to plan it following the recommendations step by step. Let’s see what are some ways:


1. Try to choose a special date

Not all couples are governed by some rule or pattern to set the date of marriage, but they are related to some significant event in their lives. In this case intimately related to the first date, the first kiss, the time they met or similar dates. What it means is that you have to reminisce and take them back to a special time.

2. Value the season or time of year

According to personal tastes you should look for the season that is more to your liking with favorable weather for the celebration. Take into account that the months set should not be rainy or very hot, all according to the tastes of the season in which the celebration will take place.


For this influences the type of clothing to be used, both the bride and groom as well as the attendants. If you have already visualized it, you should have an alternative plan at hand to make your wedding an unforgettable occasion.


3. Check vacation availability

For many couples it is convenient to take a vacation from their jobs to focus more fully on the preparations so as not to be distracted. You need to be fully available the dates close to the wedding because you need to be finalizing details. Those vacation days can be linked to the traditional honeymoon trip and have more time available to get to know each other and relax.


4. Do not forget the economic factor

High season dates are in high demand for weddings and are therefore more expensive. Hence the importance of doing it with enough time to choose an appropriate date and in some cases following certain traditions. It is important to take into account the months when weddings are less frequent in order to get good discounts when choosing the church and the reception venue, so that nothing is left out of the budget.


5. Take into account the organization of the wedding

As we have already mentioned, organizing a wedding that meets all expectations is a bit complicated. That is why it is important to have enough time to fulfill all the commitments such as: invitations, decoration, wedding photos. You can make a planning to control the details as they are concretized and do not get out of hand.


What is expected for weddings in 2021?

Even though circumstances have not changed and we are still in a pandemic, the trend for wedding celebrations has been reaffirmed. Most couples want a big celebration but with a smaller group of guests. Many have rethought the dates they have been postponing, which may even result in high demand for those possible dates.


Even many people look for tips to choose the best wedding date that can be beneficial for the ideas they want to develop. However, it is very useful to take into consideration the tips before choosing the wedding date. Because of the time that some couples have been delayed in getting married, they may inquire how to organize an express wedding party in less than three months to have the wedding you always dreamed of.


Professional wedding photo and video services in Arizona

One of the factors that influence the success of any social event is planning ahead and taking care of the details. Much more if we do not have experience, that is why it is always appropriate to have the advice of people who are dedicated to this type of activities. For example: A good photo and video service where the people to whom this responsibility is delegated are professional experts.


So far we have a range of options but we must always make decisions that benefit us especially the pocket. We recommend a serious and responsible agency such as Iaz Photo Studio, they have qualified personnel. They have been opening space in Arizona and are being recognized. Search on the Internet how to contact them, their budgets are tight and they have competitive prices. Request yours now.

Preserve your best photos in a digital wedding album

One of the most versatile ways to preserve memories is through photographs, if they are stored in digital or electronic albums, it is very advantageous since it is the new trend.


What you want is for the happy moments of this great day to last, where you can appreciate the small details. To relive that moment as many times as you want and share them with friends and family in a skillful way in a wedding album.


In these times it is impractical to have to print the photos and over time they can be damaged by constant manipulation. Nowadays, this new way of saving photographs that can transcend and be seen by new generations is available.


If you want to print the photographs at a certain time you can select the ones you need and on quality paper.



Did you know that digital photography has been booming?

So that photographic memories are not absorbed and diluted in the ephemeral world of social networks. Photos are no longer being reserved for special occasions, as almost all of life’s frequent activities are being documented. Every device at hand is being used to take and store photographs, it’s a trend.

Importance of a wedding photo book

Wedding photography will not be in physical format as it is customary in wedding events, since technological advances offer a guarantee of duration and quality. The images that are edited can be stored in a virtual memory that allows you to enjoy a large amount of photos. This is very important since there is no possibility that they can be mistreated by constant manipulation.


Many couples are focused on all the preparations related to the organization of the wedding and forget important details. Among these is defining how they want to keep their memories, following modern trends. Since memories are the essential part in all major life events, marriages being an important event.


Digital Wedding Album Designs

It is necessary to look for the best wedding album designs, which, although they are in digital format, must have an attractive and eye-catching original design. They are ideal to remember even the smallest detail, they are saved in high resolution and can be created in galleries. Depending on your taste, you can create special effects and even personalize the photo book with details.

An album can be created by making a journey of everything that has happened before, during and after the wedding. You can enhance the design and make it unique by including anecdotes, quotes or stories of the bride and groom that make it special. There are many formats to choose from, so it is necessary that they are the most suitable for the photographs and the requirements.

Advantages of a photo book for your wedding

You can create folders and organize them chronologically or by themes of what happened at the wedding, make copies of the photos, select the quantity, define the style. You can even include texts in the digital photos, and create compositions of several photos on a single page. You can make copies of the album as many times as you want, even share the album on social networks.

So that the photos are not left gathering dust in some corner and losing their colors and definition. It is a great advantage to capture it in some support such as saving them in the cloud of a drive. It is like extending that fleeting moment and remember it at any time you want, relaxed on a couch or on the same computer together as a family.

Sizes, shapes and resolutions for wedding photo books

The size of the wedding album depends on the number of photos you want to include and the idea you want to develop, it can include 100 photos without any inconvenience. A modern format will give an elegant touch, where large photos of the couple are the protagonist. It will give long life to your wedding photos, factors involved such as: the resolution of the photos, brightness, contrast, background colors, even music.

When you decide that the photos should be saved in a photo book, it is perfect for capturing even the smallest detail of your marriage. They can be saved in high resolution with effects and can even be reproduced as menus or videos. The photo book is the visual record of the most important event of the new beginning of the new married couple’s life.

Company dedicated to digital wedding album production in Arizona.

There are many options for making a good photo collection for the best photo book, including some very good free editors. No matter what the choice is, it is proven that there is nothing more appropriate than the expertise and experience that a professional photographer can provide. You should have the best wedding photography service in Arizona that is recognized as such.


These companies can make your wishes and ideas come true, if you let them know how you want your photo book, the background colors of the pages can be customized. They are specialists in editing photographs in the desired format so that they have an avant-garde, harmonious, elegant look, the most used are the large and square ones.


What are the costs of a wedding album in Arizona?

In Arizona you can get everything you need in this regard, we can recommend the best in its style Iaz Photo Studio agency. They have a qualified professional staff with high values of commitment and responsibility.  This can be corroborated with their clients who will give ample references and speak with satisfaction of the work done.


Another point in their favor is the costs involved in carrying out their projects, they are in line with what they promote. They have specialized equipment and the best technical group of photographers to achieve the objectives. You can request a quote for the best digital wedding album. Ask for information through their website and social networks, they will respond as soon as possible. Contact them.

8 types of wedding photography to dazzle

Wedding photography has taken an impressive turn, what used to be something simple in the event. Nowadays, it takes a lot of attention and preparation on the part of the bride and groom, because with the influence of social networks in modern life, among other reasons.



But not only has it changed in this sense, it has also changed in the way of capturing the moment, it is no longer just the conventional pose. Ideas and trends have been added that give a new air to the photographs. Some include special themes, others seek environments that recreate a unique moment, some are loaded with symbolism of the occasion and others seek to capture the emotion of the celebration in a natural and spontaneous way.



Anyway, there is something for everyone, but before deciding, we suggest you to know the styles of photography that are currently being used. So you can choose the one you like the most, we invite you to read on to discover 8 types of photography that are setting the standard in weddings.



8 Types of wedding photography


No matter what your tastes are, if there is one thing we are sure of is that there is a wedding photo style for everyone. Well, there is a lot of diversity, whether you are conventional or you are one of those who like to be more crazy. You will find a style to create a beautiful memory. We will show you 8 of the most eye-catching and used, check it out



Natural photography is in itself a challenge for photographers, because more than showing than showing a pose. They seek to show the emotion and feeling of the moment in a natural way. So it requires being sensitive and a good observer, to know when it is necessary to shoot your camera. Obviously, many professionals mix conventional and natural techniques in their photographs to find a balance.


This type of photographs are really beautiful, imagine at the wedding occasions full of feeling, like when the father gives his daughter and he tenderly kisses her forehead. To be able to capture that instant, which is unique in every woman’s life, is wonderful. Those are the benefits of this way of photographing weddings.

In detail

Its word itself describes it, this photography goes to the details, since it has a closer approach to the people or objects of the wedding. The professional is based on the meticulous observation of every aspect of the wedding, in order to take advantage of elements that even the bride and groom do not notice. The important thing is to have the ability to capture the essence of the wedding in an image.



Film photography is what you will get with this type of images. For this job, film photographers use a refined technique that they use to capture the moments of the wedding as if they were cinematographic photos. Obviously, the photographs will be spectacular, a phenomenal memory of that great day.



Artistic photos stand out for their creative and original essence. He seeks to tell a story through a set of images. The story is obviously the wedding day, for this he uses approaches, angles and special framing that give the work an original way of seeing the celebration.



One of the most beautiful photos are the romantic ones, since they capture in an image the feelings of the bride and groom. This is a challenge for photographers, as it requires getting to know the couple and getting close to them.


It also requires that the bride and groom feel confident and let their most intimate emotions come out in front of the professional’s lens. Like an accomplice look, a hug or perhaps a spontaneous kiss, everything must be captured at the right moment and the photographer must go unnoticed.


When you are looking to capture a romantic scene and make everything perfect, the atmosphere also plays an important role. That is why the season of the year in the area where you want to have the wedding is relevant. If it is hot or cold season, it is necessary to take your precautions.


Considering that before the wedding, you have the pre-wedding, take into account how to organize these events. Maybe you can do the pre-wedding in the fall, then schedule the wedding in the near future. This way you will not only have a spectacular event, but also photos in all their splendor with lots of light.



For this photo model, the photographer becomes a photojournalist, where he narrates an event in images in a chronological way. This photography is of documentary essence, it must describe the whole event. As we know, each couple and wedding is unique, the professional must know the future spouses. Get to know them, their tastes, their way of thinking and everything related to the event.


This will lead him to do a job more adapted to the personality and style of the bride and groom. Besides, at the moment of capturing the wedding photo and video, the photographer will be doing his job in a natural way, he will go unnoticed, since he has already familiarized himself with his surroundings.



Wedding photography is gaining more and more ground in the market, so much so that many fashion photographers have decided to venture into this area. So when they dedicate themselves to wedding photography, they include many of their fashion photography techniques. As a result, the result is magazine photographs, what more could you ask for your wedding.


This style of photography focuses on the feelings of the bride and groom and how they are performing at the event. It is an occasion of love, joy and happiness are in the air.


Already the bride and groom are so in love and happy to consecrate their love that they express it very naturally. Their friends and family are also happy to see them realize a new stage of their lives. The photographer in charge of the job, looks for the perfect moment where those emotions come to the surface, especially between the couple.


With all these ideas, you can choose a wedding fashion photography that you like the most. In addition to these you can ask the professional in charge of photography, advice, to give you suggestions to have great photos.


Wedding photography services in Arizona


Don’t leave the job of finding a photographer to the last, because you need to get the best professional wedding photography service in Arizona. So it will take you time to visit, meet, evaluate the best photographic agencies that provide services for weddings. It is a whole process, in fact, the photographer must also get to know the bride and groom, get to know them and feel comfortable with them. This will help him/her do a smoother job.



To save you a little bit of searching, we will recommend the best in Arizona. IAZ Photo Studio is well known by couples who have already celebrated their nuptials. Many couples have chosen it to record their memories in a beautiful photograph. The agency has the best professionals, with first class experience and state of the art equipment.



They offer wedding photo session for couples in Arizona and the photographs of the event, according to the style you want to choose. They also provide video service, according to the length of time that suits you best. Wedding photographs are a memory of life as a couple, unrepeatable, it only happens once in a lifetime. Therefore, make sure you treasure a beautiful moment in an image.



We invite you to locate this agency online today, on their website. You can also find them on their social networks, schedule an appointment and talk to their experts. Give yourself the best wedding gift, luxury photos.

Engagement rings: which one is best for popping the big question?

Buying an engagement ring can be a big dilemma, as there is a great variety and you don’t know what kind of ring to choose to pop the big question. All women want the marriage proposal to be magical, as if they were in a fairy tale.  That is why it is important for the groom to know about her tastes and feelings, and pay attention when choosing an engagement ring.


These are important events in the lives of many people, key events that mark a before and after. Undoubtedly, marriage is an important event and a big step in the relationship. If you want to know what are those beautiful wedding rings in Arizona, I invite you to stay and read on.


The best engagement rings


One of the favorite moments for everyone to ask the big question is during Valentine’s Day, since it is an important date for all lovers, because of all the symbolism and meaning that this date brings with it. Surely you have already seen pictures of engagement rings and you are thinking of asking the big question soon, but you still don’t know which ring to buy, here you can see which are the best engagement rings.


Silver rings

This beautiful ring will undoubtedly make your girlfriend get excited, because it is a jewel that expresses your love for her, in addition to the silver rings have an exquisite design. Usually these rings are made of white zirconia material, 925 sterling silver, with stamps, and if you wish you can send them to decorate with a large gem in the center, which is with two diamond-shaped gems on both sides to give the final touch to this ring.


If you plan to propose to your girl and want to give her the most beautiful and special ring, then this jewelry is something you should consider. There are different sizes so you can choose the most suitable size for the bride.

White gold rings

This ring is simple, sophisticated and very elegant. It is an engagement ring that is ideal for you to give to your beautiful bride and ask for her hand in commitment, making that day, a magical and special day for both of you.

The best are those crafted in genuine 14 karat white gold, allowing the bride to shine. This ring is strong, durable and authentic, so it will give the bride a luxury piece of jewelry to show her consent. This ring has a variety of sizes for you to choose the right size, so your bride-to-be can wear this ring comfortably and securely.


Rings with square stone

Usually these rings are made with 925 sterling silver gemstones and cubic zirconia, which gives the ring strength and durability. It is made of 925 sterling silver to ensure quality and durability when in use.


With this beautiful ring your sweetheart will look really gorgeous. Plus this ring has an iridescent shine that makes it look incredibly luxurious. This is a classic yet modern ring that will make your sweetheart look elegant when she wears it on her delicate hand. This ring will undoubtedly be the perfect complement to that great proposal and is available in a variety of sizes.


Platinum rings

The rings made in platinum are very special because in addition to platinum they are made with resistant materials, which means that it is a ring that can last over time, so it always accompanies the destiny of your loved one. They have an elegant and chic design. It can be surrounded by a large number of gems, which will make your partner shine.


If you want to give your girlfriend the best engagement ring, a two carat design is perfect because they have a unique style and if you adorn it with the middle stone, it will make you feel that it shows how deep your feelings are. Choose the right size for your girlfriend and dare to pop the big question.


Rose gold rings

If you want to give your girlfriend an amazing ring, and with a design that is really unique and special for her, you can consider a rose gold ring, which are made of 14 karat rose gold. If you wish, you can also add three gemstones, such as cubic zirconia, which resemble diamonds.


With this ring you will be able to make the best marriage proposal for your loved one. This is a jewel that she will love the instant she sees it and will give you the big yes, because this ring represents the big step that is taken after courtship, and it is a step that will change the lives of both of you.

Importance of making a good marriage proposal


Making a good marriage proposal is really important, as it is a big step you are taking in both of your lives. A marriage proposal can raise a lot of expectations.


There are many things that must be integrated to make it a magical moment and you can get the big yes you are waiting for. Just as you took the time to choose the perfect ring, you should also take the time to make the proposal at the right time.


A good proposal will depend a lot on the tastes of both, on the words used at the moment, words that should impact your partner to make it a nice moment that she can remember forever

Photo agency in Arizona to save these unforgettable moments

There are many agencies that offer wedding photography and video services in Arizona, but without a doubt you can count on Photo and video az, who perform wedding photography in Arizona. And they have an incredible and professional human talent, who can offer you different styles of wedding photography.


Finding the perfect engagement ring can be an arduous task, but looking at engagement ring photos can help you get an idea of the ring you want to pop the big question. You may get a lump in your throat during this big moment, but if you already have the ring, you’ve already taken a big step. All that’s left is to take that small step and say the beautiful words that will get you the yes.