Funny messages for your graduation posters

Graduation posters with funny messages have become very popular. And in the vast majority of graduation celebrations they have become an indispensable element. These small panels or posters are designed to be carried in your hands. They are especially ideal for graduation photography between fellow students and relatives.


The function of graduation posters is to introduce creative messages at the ceremony or party, with a great load of emotion. And if they have a good dose of humor that amuses the guests they are much more valuable. Also the posters at graduation serve to break a little the nervousness that is felt by such a wonderful achievement.


If you are looking for some ideas to make your graduation posters fun and enchant your guests, we encourage you to see some that we have selected for you in this post. They can help you create and customize the posters you want at your graduation ceremony. And those you want at your party.


Phrase for Graduation Posters

Although the most popular graduation posters are those that are carried in the hands and are made of MDF, cardboard, acrylic, plastic, etc., there are also many other types. And the length of the message will depend on the size of the poster. The size of the poster and the shape it has is important especially when taken as backgrounds of graduation photos.


To help you create posters that are original and with fun messages that your guests love, we’re going to give you some ideas. Both of what they can say, and of the size and material.

Vintage posters

These types of posters are very nice. They are usually printed on wood. And they look even better when they are made with black or white cursive letters. These types of posters are ideal when the graduation celebration is done during the day or outdoors as in a garden. But, if the party’s at night you can paint the sign black or white and the message is placed.


Some of the phrases that go very well in vintage posters are:

  • Graduation party
  • We finally graduated!
  • If he did not graduate we would hire a lawyer
  • Mission accomplished!
  • Hello social life!

Printable Posters

These posters are super practical and make life much easier. Basically the sign is printed and pasted on the poster material. Usually in MDF or cardboard. They can be obtained already printed. The best are the chalkboard-style posters. These are the ones that are shaped like thoughts, clouds, etc. They are usually small, and ideal to carry in your hands. And they look great in black colors with white letters, or in white with black letters.


When they come printed it is easy to find messages that say:

  • Proud Mom
  • Proud Dad
  • Finally!
  • Proud family
  • I made it!
  • Now what?
  • Thanks Wikipedia!
  • Thanks Google!
  • Mission accomplished!
  • Diploma in Hand
  • Proud of him/her.
  • Free hugs

Posters with funny phrases according to the profession

Many of the posters you can buy already printed have an advantage.  You can get them ready according to the profession in which you graduate. For example, if you graduate as a Psychologist you can get some that say: “Habemus Psychologist”, “Unresolved Oedipus Complex”, “I do not give free sessions”, etc.


If you graduate in Accounting you can get posters with funny phrases such as: “Let’s take stock”, “I’m higher than the dollar”, “I survived the numbers”, “I make a good discount”, “HOT Accountant”, etc. 


Funny and original posters

Graduation parties are times of great joy and fun. So it is logical that you want to add a touch of mischief and playfulness to your graduation posters. The phrases that go on these posters can be made by yourself. You just need to be inspired. Regardless of the material you choose to make them, they will surely be fantastic.


Here are some ideas to inspire you:

  • In addition to being beautiful, I am also a graduate!
  • I want to thank my family, my friends and Wikipedia
  • This one goes to Instagram
  • I swear I didn’t  pay for the title.
  • I graduated in a pandemic.
  • Today it is celebrated strong

What materials can you use to make your graduation posters?

The materials you are going to use to make graduation posters will depend on the style you want and the decoration of your party. Even if their messages are funny and playful, you should strive to make them look cute.


If you decide on vintage style posters you will need wood or boards, paint of the color in which you are going to paint it and paint for the letters of the message. If you decide on a chalkboard-style poster you will need MDF, acrylic and white or colored gis to make the sign. You can also use more environmentally friendly materials such as cardboard or recycled material.

Where to place graduation posters?

Graduation posters can become part of your decor. They are a nice detail that can enhance the place where they are placed. And they can also be a fun proposition for photo shoots. Some of the places where you can place them are the entrance, dessert tables, guest tables, walls and the areas prepared for photo shoots. 

Photo and Video Service for Graduation in Arizona

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Trends-setting colors in graduation decorations this year

Are you interested in knowing what colors are trending in graduation decorations this year? Surely the date of your party is approaching. And you want to have ideas of decorations for graduations that help you choose the colors that stand out the most in your party. And above all, that they go according to your tastes, the colors that identify your house of studies, and the theme of your party.


Currently the colors for graduation decorations admit a lot of variety. And the combinations that are used are extensive. Although colors such as black, gold and silver are the favorite classics that are always used in graduation decorations, there are other colors that can be used. This adds a touch of color or originality to give the decoration the effect you are looking for.


Below we bring you the colors that set trends in graduation decorations. And how you can customize them to make your graduation party memorable and live up to the importance that the event represents for you.



Colors for graduation decorations most used this 2021

As we mentioned before, there are colors that are used almost obligatorily to decorate graduation parties. However, there are many other colors that this year are very fashionable and set trends when decorating graduation celebrations.


Next we are going to list the colors that you can use, and combine if you have chosen fun themes for your graduation.


Black is one of the most commonly used colors for graduation decorations. One of the reasons is that it is associated with the black cap and gown that are worn when receiving the degree diploma. Also the black is very elegant. And very versatile to combine with other colors.


For example, in a decoration where the black color predominates, arches can be made with black balloons and a complementary color. Also centerpieces can be predominantly black, such as glasses with black caps, bottles dressed in caps and gowns or black balloons with floral arrangements. You can even reserve areas where black predominates to place a Photocall or a Photomaton for taking fun photos.


It is another color that is used a lot in graduation party decorations. Gold is a very elegant color, but also its brightness is related to success. So it is very appropriate to use it as the main color in the decoration of a graduation party.


This year gold is used a lot in balloons for decoration. For example, arches of entirely golden balloons can be made to welcome party guests. It is also possible to place golden flats in the party room. The year of your graduation can be displayed in large golden numbers on the wall near the dessert table. There are endless possibilities to use it in the decoration of your party.


White is one of the most versatile colors to use in the decoration of a party. You can combine it with any color. Although it will always be the protagonist of the decoration. Centerpieces with white flowers and balloons can be used. Balloons on the ceiling of the party hall combined with balloons of other colors but in smaller quantities. Also the decorative details such as pennants, arches, and wall decoration look very elegant if they are combined with black or gold.


Blue is another trend-setting color in graduation decorations. The different shades of blue offer great ease to combine them with each other. And also to add other colors that highlight it. For example, the combinations of blue, black and gold are beautifully eye-catching. Where the predominant color is blue in different ranges. It can be used in tablecloths, ornaments on walls, arrangements with balloons, centerpieces, etc.


 This is another color that is trending in graduation party decorations. It can be used for any type of graduation:high school or college. For example, in high school graduations it is used a lot combined with the color blue. It is also very easy to combine and complement with the black color. And in arrangements with balloons for entrance arches, columns of balloons placing stars at the top, or graduate figures

Red wine

The decorations where the red wine color predominates are very modern and avant-garde. If you decide on this color, your decoration will surely attract the attention of your guests. This color is very beautiful when you combine it with pink and gold. Also mixed with the lead gray color.

Metallic Colors

Employing metallic colors also results in very modern and bright decorations. Certain pastel colors such as lilac, blue, pink and metallic silver are very fashionable in graduation decorations. Especially when they are the protagonists in arrangements with balloons. Also combining orange, violet, blue, silver and fuchsia metallic result in fun and beautiful decorations. And the combination of these last colors are very used when the graduate is a girl.


This color has been gaining popularity in graduation party decorations. Especially for girls’ parties. The interesting thing about this color is that it can be used in its different ranges to create fabulous combinations. Whether you use the most intense orange color, or a light orange you can be sure that your decoration will stand out and be original.

Photo Services for Graduation in Arizona

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Tips for making nice centerpieces for graduation at home

Do you want to make beautiful centerpieces for your graduation at home and need ideas to make them? Centerpieces are very important elements in graduation decorations. Because when they are beautiful and original they bring beauty, elegance and distinction to the place chosen for the celebration. They also highlight the appearance of the house, if it is well combined with the crockery and tablecloths that are chosen.


Now, how would you make centerpieces that will be nice for a graduation party at home? Whether you do it, or commission its elaboration, here we will give you several ideas of elegant and fun centerpieces that go according to the theme and colors chosen for your graduation party. The materials we are going to suggest are easy to get and not very expensive.


Surely if you do the graduation celebration at home you will not want to spend large amounts of money. Therefore, we recommend that you do not exceed your budget for the centerpieces. Here are our ideas for you to choose the best centerpieces for your party.


Decorations for graduation at home beautifuls and original

When planning the graduation party at home, we usually wonder how to make a simple, beautiful and economical graduation, which has nothing to envy a celebration in a party room. Currently, with a limited budget you can make nice decorations. For example, you can transform the centerpieces into the protagonists of the decoration.


We are going to give you some ideas to decorate graduation tables at home, beautiful and economical, but memorable.

1.    Distinguished and simple centerpieces using glass cups

To make this distinguished centerpiece, you’re going to need an elongated, but not very thin glass cup. The idea is that inside it you place chocolates or candies. It is preferable that the wrappers of chocolates are golden, silver or black. Above the cup you can place a birrete made with black foamy and decorated with gold or silver slats and diamond. At the top or in front of the birrete, the graduation year can be placed. And on the stem of the cup, you can put a small diploma made with parchment and fastened with ribbons in black, gold or silver colors.

2.    Center tables with printed and aromatic candles.

Don’t panic! They are not as expensive as they seem. You can make the candles yourself. And you can use short glasses in dull white color. To these vessels you can send them to stamp with graduation motifs. For example, it can be a birrete and a diploma in black. Or a figure of a person with his toga and his birrete holding his diploma aloft. You can aromatize the candles so that when you light them at a certain time of the night, it makes the atmosphere more pleasant. Likewise, you can complement the decoration with small floral arrangements.

3.    Create graduation centerpieces with recycled wine bottles

These types of centerpieces also make the décor look elegant and distinguished. You’re going to need empty bottles of wine. And, you´ll paint them with colors like gold or silver. Before painting them, you can make a strip to the bottle at the bottom or middle, with paper, glue and a little sand. When drying, you stick it in the bottle and then paint it.


The bottles can be decorated with small birretes on their top. And place pendants made with gold ribbons and black tassels. You can place three bottles of different sizes and shapes on a circular tray of the same color as the bottles are painted.

4.    Centerpieces for graduation with metal balloons

For this type of arrangement you will need balloons of different sizes and colors. For the base you can place 4 white balloons and 4 black balloons that form a square around a thin plastic tube. At the tip of the tube, you will place another 4 white and 4 black balloons. Above these balloons, a giant metallic balloon with confetti is placed inside. The plastic tube can be covered with ribbons. And you have an original and very elegant centerpiece.

5.    Arrangements with flowers and figures alluding to graduation

You can make small arrangements of natural or artificial flowers on a square base. The color of the flowers will depend on the colors of your graduation and decoration of the house. Then, you can add the decorated figure of a graduate made with foamy. Also, with the same material you can make your graduation year and figures of diplomas and birretes. These figures can be made with foamy and decorated with diamonds.

6.    Use flowers, balloons and foamy figures for your centerpieces

This type of arrangement is also very beautiful and elegant. Again it will depend on your budget the choice of natural or artificial flowers. You can use a square wooden box as a base. You will need to place flowers in two colors. Then, you’re going to place four long sticks of wood or plastic, and a balloon is going to be placed on it.


The balloon you can customize with the decoration you prefer, and placed on the birrete. As a graduation´s detail you can place the figure of a graduate holding aloft a diploma. The colors you use should preferably be black, white and gold.

Photography service for home graduations

The photographic memories of your graduation party are very important. They will be the graphic reminder of one of the most important achievements of your life. So you will strive to have the most beautiful photos and best videos of that day. Therefore, it is advisable to hire a professional photography service to cover your event. That will guarantee you high quality photos. And with the best shots and angles.


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Digital invitations for graduations

Digital invitations are the new trend that has been positioning itself over the years. Currently, despite the pandemic situation, this type of modality has become more common than we imagine.


There are so many incredible ideas that can arise when creating the design of digital invitations for graduations, that will leave you dazzled, due to its added value accompanied by music and other special effects, which undoubtedly give an invaluable contribution.


Since your graduation is not just any old thing, we have prepared this post for you, with the intention of surprising your guests, through the different ideas you can use to create a phenomenal invitation and show your interest in making them part of your great achievement. Let’s take a look!



Ideas for digital invitations for graduations

This way of notifying your guests about your sharing has become a practical and more economical way than printed invitations. In this digitalized era, technology has gained a lot of ground and paper and printed invitations are becoming less common.


Without further ado, let’s get to know all the ideas you can put into practice to create the dream invitations for your graduation party.

1. With photo of the graduate

Who is the protagonist of the event? You are. That’s why an excellent technique is to design the graduation invitations with one of your favorite photos. That particular and unique aura is unprecedented. This way, you will be able to perceive in the first instance, who is the celebrant and the main actor of the merit achieved.

2. Gold and black colors

These two tones are undoubtedly one of my favorites, because they give the impetus of elegance to your card. Besides, they combine very well with the accessories allusive to your graduation, such as the cap and gown, because, in most cases, they are black. Have you heard the phrase “black goes with everything”?

3. In 3D

If you want to give shape and three-dimensional dimension to your digital invitations, this graphic representation can cause an unparalleled effect on your guests.

4. Image of Toga y Birrete

It is very likely that when you want to look for ideas to design your invitations, the first thing that comes to mind and you get are images with cap and gown. Let me tell you that you are not far from reality, since in most cases this is the modality that is used as a tribute to the moment of graduation. The personal touch you put on it, is what will make the difference.

5. In the form of a Postcard

The virtual postcards are becoming more and more common, thanks to technology and the series of advances in the programs that are available on different websites. Making your invitation in the form of a postcard can be ingenious, since they can be designed with effects in movements, gif or in static form. You decide the model!

6. Virtual representation

One of the most important senses in human beings is the visual sense. Although all of them constitute a primordial level for a person to fully develop, it is through sight that we can be enraptured by colors, landscapes and other natural phenomena.


The virtual representation is capable of attracting our attention almost 100%, that’s why the details should not be neglected, so that your invitations look as you always dreamed.

7. Balloon Images

Balloon decorations for graduations are in the forefront of fashion. Certainly, it is becoming more and more usual to get in any type of event this style. So, why not use balloon images on your invitations?


There are many beautiful digital graduation invitation designs with balloon image content. You can merge this with some of the other elements we have mentioned, the limits are up to you!

8. Gold and vinotint color

If we analyze a little about the psychology of color, the golden tone has a meaning that harbors aspects that go beyond the ostentatious and good aesthetic taste. Vinotint fused with gold, generate a spectacular combination, giving way to an invitation with sophisticated vitality. Try these colors and you will love the combination!

9. Champagne bottle image

An icon that undoubtedly reflects celebration is the champagne bottle. By placing it as an image and part of the design, your guests will understand that there is an emblematic reason to celebrate. It’s time for festivity!

10. Image with diploma

A symbol of achievement! The diploma means that you have successfully completed a stage of your studies. One way to let people know how proud you are of having fulfilled the requirements of your career or your bachelor’s degree is to include an image with a diploma in the design of digital invitations for graduations.

Your family and friends will be happy to be part of your great outreach. That is why it is important to take care of every detail you include in your invitations. Another aspect that you cannot ignore, under any circumstances, are the photographs.


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Digital invitations can be a practical and eco-friendly way to let your guests know that you intend to share with them the successful stage you have reached in your life with your graduation.


The design of digital invitations for graduations, can be great, if you choose the color that goes more in tune with your style, incorporating your photo, images with balloons, with the cap and gown or any other according to your preference.

Decorations for high school graduations

High school graduations share many iconic elements typical of graduations, such as the owl, which represents the wisdom acquired throughout the study process, or the toga that represents the end of an era.


Each graduation party decoration is completely different and original. Even if they share the same theme, they will never have the same elements. And in a high school graduation party, you should always opt for unique graduation decorations. To get an idea of how to decorate a graduation party and make it unique for the celebrant, I invite you to read on.



Decoration ideas for high school graduations


Graduation is a special occasion in the life of every teenager who has gone through the entire student process, and who has worked hard to get to where he or she is. When the moment of graduation arrives, it is when you can see that all the effort has paid off.


To be able to celebrate their goals accomplished up to that moment is to reward them for all the effort and work, the ideal for that is to make a celebration. Whether it is a simple event, it is a party that carries many colors and also a gift or two.

Candy table

Who doesn’t like sweets? Everyone loves them and in a celebration they can never be missing. A candy table is the best option for this type of event. A table where you can find different types of candy and people can go quietly to choose the one of their choice.

In this candy table you can put sweets such as:


– Cakes

– Cupcakes

– Snacks

– Candies

– Gummies

– Chocolates

– Cookies

– traditional sweets

– fruits


This table can be decorated with a special theme, in this case the theme should be allusive to graduations and is a very original way to pamper your guests, they will thank you and enjoy it very much.


It has always been thought that centerpieces are exclusive to quinceañeras or weddings, and this is not the case. Centerpieces are for all types of parties. Placing a centerpiece at a graduation party can be something very original. There are many motifs that can be placed on the table such as:


– Floral arrangements.

– Aromatic candles.

– Wooden or porcelain fruits.

– Embroidered tablecloths.

– Garlands of lights.

– Crystals.

– Balloons with helium.


In this aspect it is important that the arrangement is completely allusive to a graduation party, or that it has the colors that have been chosen for the celebration. A centerpiece should always go according to the whole decoration that has been made for the party, so that it does not feel out of place.

Main table

The main table is perhaps the key to a celebration. For this reason, it is necessary to give it its due time for the decoration so that it can be perfect. You must have a table large enough to place all the decorative elements.


The tablecloth should have the colors allusive to the party. Placing an arrangement on the table can also be helpful. It can be one of balloons in the shape of caps and gowns. The size of the arrangement can vary, depending on the size of the table. It is also necessary to leave a space between all the decorations to place the celebration cake.

Giant selfie frame

One of the most fun high school graduation decorations ideas out there are selfie frames. Most high school students love to take pictures of themselves to upload to their social networks.  If the party has a selfie frame, they will love it because they can take as many pictures as they want. The ideal is to place it in a strategic place where it can be seen and they can go and use it quietly.


This element has been used for several years in parties, but it has been recently that it has had a huge boom in all kinds of parties. This background wall, just like the selfie frames, is widely used for taking pictures.


Obviously this backdrops is different from the selfie frames, since here the photos are usually more posed, but with the selfie frames young people usually take much more fun photos and in that little moment they usually have a great time.

Graduation cakes

One of the most important elements of the celebration is cake. All young people love to eat cake, and since this is a high school party, it is important to have cake.


The shape or design of the cake must be allusive to a graduation. It can be square or round. It can have fondant designs or not. What is important to have is a diploma or cap, or even both designs, as this will give it that touch that it is a high school graduation celebration.


There are plenty of options to create beautiful invitations for a high school graduation. You can have them made or make them at home. If you choose to have them made, it is important that you already have a graduation design in mind so that you can give it to the person who will make the invitations.


If, on the other hand, you decide to make it at home, there are different materials and molds that can be used for its realization. In this aspect you can look for different DIY ideas. Here the important thing is imagination. You can also invite the graduate to make it and thus spend a unique and fun moment.

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Organizing high school graduations is a fun job to do, as it is a party that is held for young people who want to have fun and have a great time among friends. There are many ideas of graduation decorations to make an amazing party, and here you can see several, which you can put into practice to make a fun and unforgettable party, and make sure that the guests will have a good time.

Decorations for college graduations

College graduation parties have the advantage that they do not demand a very elaborate decoration or that follow many protocols, on the contrary, they are the kind of parties that deserve an informal and improvised air.  They are those parties where graduates go to have fun and celebrate the culmination of a great academic achievement and the beginning of their working life.


What college students really want is to have a good time without the need for so much protocol during the party. They want to celebrate with their friends and have fun. To make the party an unforgettable moment, there are several ideas of decorations for college graduations. If you want to know what these ideas are, I invite you to stay and read on.


Decoration ideas for college graduations


If you are about to achieve an academic achievement, such as college graduation and you are thinking of having a celebration, you should take into account some factors, such as the host of the party, the type of events you like, the atmosphere, the activities to be carried out and of course the decoration. Here are some ideas to make the decoration of the party fabulous and memorable.


Cupcake in the form of a birrette


Something that is very fashionable in celebrations are cupcakes. These delicious cupcakes are becoming a sensation at all parties. They are usually used to accompany the cake decoration.


A very original idea is to make a cupcake in the shape of a graduation cap, which is very easy to do. The cupcake is made according to each person’s taste, and once ready, you can proceed to make the top of the biretta with fondant, which is nothing more than a square piece of fondant. The decoration of the cake is made with the cream of your preference.

Cake decorated with the graduation year


Cakes by law are the center of attention in all parties, meetings and celebrations that take place, no matter the theme of the party. But besides the person being celebrated, the cake always steals the spotlight. And a college graduation party is no exception.


A good idea for the cake is to have a shape alluding to a graduation, the more original the better.  Besides this, it can be decorated with the year of graduation, and even the graduation number can be placed on the cake. This cake should be in the center of the table where it will be placed and around it can be decorated with other elements, with cupcakes in the shape of a biretta. The flavor of the cake can be chosen by the graduate.


Balloon arch with greetings

If the party is going to be held in a party hall, or in a large space, the ideal would be to place a balloon arch.  Either at the beginning, to welcome all the guests to the party, in the space destined to the cake, or in some other place that you want to decorate and that serves for the guests to take their pictures.


The arrangement of the arch can always vary, it can be an arch with many balloons, of different shapes and sizes, or it can be a very simple arch, but colorful. These balloons can be with the colors of the promotion, or the favorite colors of the person being celebrated.


Stack of books with decorative cap

To decorate other areas of the hall, you can place several tables or small columns, on which you can put piles of university books and on top of them you can place a graduation cap. It is a very original idea, and it symbolizes that you have gone through the whole process of studying the books and that the time has finally come to graduate.

Black stars with gold for photos

This idea is very fashionable at college graduations. The black and gold colors of the stars give a more formal and striking touch to the party. This star decoration can be placed at the entrance of the party hall, so that the guests can take their first picture during the celebration.

Headband of biretta

We know that caps and gowns are indispensable, but why not make them part of the party? You can buy or have made several headbands that have a cap and give them to each of the guests. This will make the party look more fun and invite everyone to celebrate in style. If you want to know more about caps and gowns, I invite you to read “Caps and gowns, a must for your graduation”.

Memories in the form of parchment

Once the party is over, it is always customary to give a souvenir to each of the party guests. A very original idea is to give souvenirs in the form of a scroll. If you have the time or money, this can be a small copy of the original graduation scroll, obviously without the name of the person graduating. It would be just a small detail and a nice souvenir.

White and gold star shower

This rain of stars can be a complement to the golden stars, or on the contrary they can go in another area of the space where the party is held, in order to decorate other places where guests can also go to take pictures.


Curtains are very fashionable for parties where people can take pictures. Instead of a curtain, you can place this rain of stars to give a more glamorous touch to the party.


Professional Graduation Photographer offering album package in Arizona


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University graduations are the transition from student life to working life. It is a big step that should not go unnoticed, and should be celebrated in style. It is a big change for students as they move into an adult life. This beautiful moment can always be remembered through graduation photos and will always be seen as a very nice part of the student’s life.

Decorations for children’s graduations

Children’s graduations are an important step in every child’s life. It is the end of a school year and should be celebrated. It is important to celebrate the end of a year of effort and dedication, for children this impulse is of vital importance, since they learn to value the culmination of their efforts.


There is a great variety of decorations for children’s graduations among which we can highlight the balloons, centerpieces, souvenirs, and of course the celebration cake. To know a little more about what are the decorative motifs that are fashionable in children’s graduations, I invite you to stay and read on.



Decoration ideas for school graduations


Children deserve a decoration that is special and celebrates all that they have learned during that school period. Incorporating letters and crayons into the decorations can add an original touch to the graduation. But there are also a variety of other ideas to decorate and make the celebrant feel amazing at their graduation party


Decoration with balloons of different colors

You can create a hallway of beautiful columns for them to walk down the aisle to their graduation or decorate the space with beautiful columns made with balloons of different colors, you can even inflate balloons with helium and place them at the entrances to the hall where the celebration will take place.


You can even create amazing dolls made exclusively with inflated balloons. One of the motifs you can make is a graduation doll. You can use black balloons to make the body of the doll and the black color will make it look like it is wearing a gown. For the face you can use a balloon with a face already printed on it. And once finished you place it on a base so that the balloons do not fall.


Photo of the child in his cap and gown

A very nice detail would be to place a banner type photo of the child wearing his cap and gown. This can be placed in an area that is visible to all the guests at the big graduation celebration.


This will be a nice detail for when the guests take pictures, you can do it next to the banner. You can place it at the main entrance or you can also make it part of the decoration in the area destined for the cake. Everything will depend on what you want to show in each space where the celebration will take place.


Arrangement of candies in the shape of a birrette

This is a nice arrangement that you can also use as part of the decoration in the area where the cake is located. This type of arrangement can be any size you want. It can be a small arrangement if you want it to be part of the decoration, or it can be a large arrangement if you want it to stand out among the other things.


This arrangement can be made with different types of candies, you can place the favorite candies of the graduate. In addition to that you can place several balloons of assorted colors, and a nice detail can be to add a graduation teddy bear, that is to say a teddy bear with a cap and a small diploma.


Photo frame with children’s graduation designs

One of the most original ideas to make are photo frames. In them, all the guests can take all the pictures they want, and their faces will be framed. The fun part is that since they are handmade frames, they can be personalized with children’s designs according to the graduation.


An idea for these frames can be that they have balloon designs of various colors, they can also be alternated with some school shirts that are according to the color of the shirt to which the celebrant has passed. A fun design can also be that the frame is decorated with crayons and the name of the child who is graduating.


Graduation souvenirs with a baby face

Once the celebration is over, you can choose to give souvenirs to all the guests attending the party. This is a nice detail with which the guests will feel very comfortable. This souvenir can be made in different materials, either with foami, flexible dough, among others. This souvenir can be the design of a boy or a girl, as the case may be, and a photo of the graduate can be placed on it.


Cake with your diploma design

You can play with the cakes in terms of flavor and design. Ideally, regarding the flavor, it should be a pleasant flavor for all the children and guests, since it is something that will be tasted during the party.


As for the design, this can also vary, but ideally it should be according to the graduation. A very nice design is that the cake has the design of the graduate’s diploma, this makes the design original and unique. Also if you want you can search for Graduation Cake Ideas and from there get some models that are to your liking and according to the celebration.


Professional graduation photographer offering children’s album package in Arizona


Hiring a children’s graduation photographer in Arizona can be a great idea, a photographer who covers the party and at the end delivers a package containing a children’s album where you can see all the photos taken during the child’s graduation.


Photography services for children’s graduations in Arizona are usually very useful, since you don’t always have a good camera and the photos may come out blurry, but if you hire one of these photo services for children’s graduation you can be completely sure that the photos will come out totally clear.


Children’s graduations are a big event in the lives of children, since it is a big step they are taking in their lives as students, and it is something that should not be missed.  That is why it is important to hire photography services for children’s graduations in Arizona to take care of recording the entire graduation event so they can always remember that beautiful moment.

Graduation in Pandemic! What to do?

Graduation in a pandemic – who said the pandemic is a reason not to celebrate your graduation ceremony? While it’s true that this public health issue has changed many people’s lives, it doesn’t mean there aren’t options to share with friends and family.


Of course, it is essential to continue to help protect ourselves whether we are vaccinated or not. But let me tell you, there are many alternatives that will make you enjoy the occasion, whether the graduation is at the preschool, high school or college level.


This article will make you think about the different options, expanding your imagination according to what you want to do. A pandemic photography service can help you to capture your experience in your memories for years to come. Let’s see what you can do!



Graduation ideas in Pandemic

1. Drive By

The Drive By, has become a very famous modality to celebrate graduations. Here are some ideas so that you can also enjoy it, without leaving aside the protection standards:


– Route

This style is basically used to congratulate and accompany the graduate. The way to do it regularly is by car caravan to the graduate’s house. A good initiative to always remember this day, is to leave it captured in time with a photography service for graduations in Arizona.

– Writings

The writings represent another option to give a special atmosphere to the place where the event will take place. Create fun and authentic phrases, so that your guests are encouraged to take pictures and enjoy the moment.

– Decoration

As part of the Drive By decoration, the windows of the cars that will be in the caravan will be painted, the name of the graduates or congratulatory writings or any other that inspires professional growth and improvement.


2. At home

Since the pandemic stage began, home celebrations have become the order of the day and have become much more popular. Therefore, I recommend that you pay close attention to these elements, which should not be missing during the celebration in your home.

– Music

To be honest, sharing without music is not much fun, right? So, choose a repertoire according to the age of the honoree. Consider that there will also be family members older than you, so make your range of musical alternatives to suit all ages and genres.


– Decoration

The most used decoration in pandemic is with balloons. This type of decoration is very popular with children, teenagers and even adults. They are essential to decorate any space, from the entrance of the place, the candy table and even the area for the photo shoot.


Your pandemic graduation will look beautiful if you incorporate personalized signs to your home decoration, where you can also include personalizing the cake and desserts with photos or the name of the protagonist of the event.


– Food

Don’t forget the food! Appetizers are a fundamental part of your event. Do not think that, because it is at home, it is a detail that does not count. On the contrary, program the type of food you will offer to your guests by time interval. Sweet or savory, they go very well at the moment of sharing and celebrating that dreamed event.


3. Virtual

Virtual meetings have come to life since the pandemic began. At the end of the day, the most important thing is not to miss the occasion for this current situation that affects a worldwide population. Can we manage to celebrate virtually? Of course it can. There are ways to do it and undoubtedly, in this situation that is currently being experienced as a result of the pandemic, this is the best alternative.

– Digital Invitation

The digital invitations for graduations, have become a famous success, where it is not necessary to generate printing costs to get your invitation to the people you want to share with you your success and good time.

Through social networks, smartphones and any other mobile device, you can invite everyone, without the need to create person-to-person interaction, which in the end, is the least you want, in order to avoid any contact that puts your health at risk. Apply this modality, you will love it! 

– Program

Plan and organize your entire celebration through a program, where you can inform everyone who will be camping with you of what you plan to share with them. Social networks are an excellent tool with multiple applications, which will not let you overlook any informative detail, since everyone is kept informed through them.  

– Decoration

Create a cozy atmosphere in your home. Set up a space and decorate it to your liking, with balloons, signs or any other detail alluding to your graduation. Don’t forget a graduation photo service, photographs are definitely the soul of every party and keep the occasion alive.


Where to hire a graduation photographer in pandemic?

It is true that, in the midst of this phenomenon, you may imagine that it may be difficult to find a professional to take your photos with the quality that your event deserves, but I have to tell you that you don’t have to worry!


IAZ PHOTO STUDIO agency, is available for you with all the biosecurity guidelines, to offer you the services of photography in pandemic. Remember, you should not overlook a good video, that’s why we offer photo and video services for graduation in pandemic, so that you do not miss every detail, for us, it is a pleasure to accompany you!


A pandemic graduation can be a lot of fun if you take into account the many alternatives that have become apparent in the midst of the health crisis.

Enjoyment at home or virtually, has become your best option to celebrate the occasion. With a photo and video service for graduation in pandemic, you will be able to go back to that great day whenever you want.